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Product Resources
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Product Resources

Telerik UI for Blazor  Kendo UI for Angular  KendoReact

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- Setting Up the Scheduler
- 10 Little Known Blazor Features
- Telerik UI for Blazor Classroom

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- Diving into the Kendo UI Grid
- Template Wizard for VS Code
- Kendo UI Virtual Classroom

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- Getting Started: KendoReact Grid
- Build a Sales Dashboard
- Add Custom Styles

Fiddler Everywhere  JustMock  Test Studio 

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- HTTPS Proxy Debugging Glossary
Which Fiddler is Right for You?
- Effectively Debug 3 Common Issues
- The Worthy Web Debugging Checklist

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- Unit Testing Blazor Apps w/ bUnit & JustMock
- Unit Testing Existing C# Apps with JustMock
- Using the JustMock.Commercial Package on Azure DevOps

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- Test Studio Training Videos
- How to: Efficient Test Automation
- Automate Tests: Chart Elements w/ OCR & Coded Steps

Telerik Reporting  App Migration & Modernization    

- Product Info
- Docs & Support
- Reporting Tools Quick Guide
- Getting Started: Telerik Reporting
- Blazor DataGrid Meets Report Viewer

- Non-profit Starter Kit from Mobilize.Net  



App Ideas for Inspiration

Healthy World An app that aggregates the latest medical news/knowledge to make it accessible in the farthest corners of the earth. Eating Out Safely An app that tells users what restaurants in their area are open for inside and outside dining; allow your users to rate and share their experiences. It Takes a Village An app that connects working parents to set up nannyshare services and/or create pandemic pods where children can learn together in smaller groups.
Local Support Resources An app that helps people locate local shelters, soup kitchens and other needed resources. Connect both people who want to volunteer and people in need. Animal House An app that helps connect people with lost animals or that connects people with opportunities to help the animal population in their community. Sustainability Scoresheet An app that allows users to rate and read sustainability scores for local businesses. The app could measure and report on the environmental, social and economic impact of the business.
Charity Aware An app that catalogs local or global charities. It tags them based on area of focus/support, allows users to learn more about the charity and provides an opportunity to get involved right from the app. Upcycling Exchange An app that creates an exchange for items other are looking to discard. Provide a collective space where people can share the items they either want to exchange or post items they are looking for. There could be an option for sharing items and methods for giving items a second life. Healthier Together An app that allows you track your intake and your activity. Allow friends to join you on specific challenges and gamify getting fit. Add the ability to monitor (and share, if you choose) mental and physical health. Include daily/weekly motivation and resources.
Let’s Be Friends An app that connects people who want to explore the long lost art of having/being a pen pal. Connect people based on interest, language, geography. People could write hand-written letters or communicate via email. Keep It Clean An app that clearly explains local recycling laws, shows where recycling centers are, if trash zones are full, how you can participate in local beach and road clean ups. It could even allow the user to monitor his/her carbon footprint. Gamify keeping your community clean. Food Connect An app that connects restaurants and supermarkets with local shelters so they can either donate or sell the food at a discount that they would otherwise throw out. Include local laws.


Bonus Categories

As part of your Submission, you can opt in to be considered for the Bonus Categories which best apply to your application and meet the below applicable requirements. To be eligible within a Bonus Category, you must complete the required tests, include proof of tests within your Submission, and your video needs to include a screen capture of the test being run; highlight the tool implemented in your app (in the case of Reporting); provide a description of your app modernization process (for the Best Modernization category); or the code repository, video and description for the Best Mobile Support category.

Applicable Bonus Categories:

  • Mobile Support - Using one of the following methods, ensure your web app provides a delightful mobile experience. You shoud provide a video of the submission, a brief description of your mobile support and a link to your code. Mobile support methods include:
    • Make web app responsive to support mobile form factors
    • Make a Progressive Web App with Blazor
    • Use Experimental Blazor Mobile Bindings to build a native/hybrid mobile app
  • Reporting - Telerik Reporting is a complete embedded reporting tool that supports Blazor, Angular and React (among other frameworks). Implement the tool into your application - create an interactive report, add a report viewer or more - to be considered for this prize category. Make sure to include and highlight the use of Reporting with your overall submission.
  • Test Studio - Test Studio and Test Studio Dev Edition are automated testing tools that allow you to test your application. Simply record your test and use automated playback for an easy and fast way to craft your test and then run that same script to test multiple browsers. Document your use of the tool via screen capture.
  • Fiddler Everywhere - Fiddler Everywhere is a web debugging proxy for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Capture, inspect, monitor all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet, mock requests, and diagnose network issues. Fiddler Everywhere can be used for any browser, application, process. Document your use of Fiddler Everywhere by providing step-by-step screen capture/video of your Fiddler Everywhere debugging experience.
  • JustMock - JustMock is a mocking tool for crafting unit tests. Document your unit test using JustMock via a step-by-step screen capture/video.
  • Modernization - Do you have an app for good that needs to be modernized? You can use a tool like Mobilize.net or modernize it yourself. We will be looking for apps that have gone from Silverlight, WinForms, WebForms or VB6 to a modern web frontend using Blazor, Angular or React.Provide a description - video or written - of your app modernization process and include before and after videos.


The Worthy Web Show

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Date Host Topic
Tuesday, April 6 TJ VanToll rec: A Hands-on Intro to KendoReact
(w/special guest Alyssa Nicoll)
Tuesday, April 13 Ed Charbeneau rec: Semantic HTML and Accessibility
(w/special guest Chris DeMars)
Tuesday, April 20 Sam Basu Building for Mobile with Web Technologies
Tuesday, April 27 Alyssa Nicoll [CANCELED - new date coming]
Let’s Build a Drop Down!
Tuesday, May 4 TJ VanToll A Deep Dive Into the KendoReact Grid
Tuesday, May 11 Ed Charbeneau All things Grid for Blazor
Tuesday, May 18 Alyssa Nicoll It’s a Surprise!
Tuesday, May 25 Sam Basu Accessibility for Mobile Apps